Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sun Virtualbox

I have Virtualbox OSE (Open Source Edition) installed. I use it basically to use Office, when needed.

Currently I only restart to Windows to sync my iPod Touch, and that's because Virtualbox OSE doesn't support USB.

But there's a version, provided by Sun, that supports USB devices.

Uninstall Virtualbox OSE

If you already have Virtualbox installed go to Applications > Add/Remove... and look for virtualbox to uninstall your current version.

I also went to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and also looked for virtualbox to remove every trace of it.

Install Sun Virtualbox (currently v1.6.2 v1.6.4)

Go to Virtualbox download site and go to Binaries (all platforms).

Select your Platform (Ubuntu 8.04 x86 in my case), agree to the license and continue to the download.

After the download is complete start the installer (or double click the .deb file):
$ sudo dpkg -i virtualbox_1.6.2-31466_Ubuntu_hardy_i386.deb
And it's that easy.


Squarespace is an amazing publishing service for building websites and creating blogs.

Check out the video and prepare to be amazed.

Squarespace is an amazing publishing service for building websites and creating blogs.

Check out the video and prepare to be amazed.

As Kevin Rose said:

"... it's like Typepad and Wordpress on crack."
It's a paid service, but it seems to me it's worth every penny.

I didn't try it yet, but there's a free, no credit card needed, 14 days trial period.

If you've tried please leave your thoughts :)

Syncing Windows Mobile 5/6 with Synce (updated)

One of my "to achieve" points was syncing my calendar and contact information from my Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone (Qtek 9100).

After trying for some time, I used a tip from Synce mailing lists. This tip was great for me because the author was also having troubles and started from scratch.

I think my problem was the config.xml file. I believe that if I just followed the instructions from the good folks from Synce, as I first did, but changed the config.xml, as in the mailing list, I wouldn't have needed to clean my system.

So, if you are starting, you probably could skip the "clean your system" part.

I will show how I'm syncing my phone with Evolution using Synce in Ubuntu 8.04.
This is based in Synce wiki and Synce mailing lists.

Note: save this post if you're using Gnome Network Manager, because you'll probably stay without Internet after installing the core libraries. It's very easy to fix though.


This is not an official Synce guide. This is my personal eXPerience using a single device, with a single WM flavor and a single OS.

If you are starting to play around with Synce, this post could help you if you're using the same WM and Linux OS's, but you should always check Synce official wiki for updates.

If you are having problems, the Synce mailing lists are probably the best place to go right now. The people are friendly and will help you solving your problems. You could also send me an email. If I can, I'll help, if not, I'll guide you in the right direction.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GnomeDo 0.5

A friend of mine asked me about a Linux equivalent to Launchy, a keystroke launcher for Windows.

And that is GnomeDo.

  • If you have an older version of GnomeDo start by removing it and deleting is plugins:
$ sudo aptitude purge gnome-do gnome-do-plugins gnome-do-plugin-rhythmbox
$ rm -rf ~/.local/share/gnome-do/plugins/
  • Then add the following software sources (System > Administration > Software Sources):
deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main
  • Install GnomeDo (currently v0.5.97):
$ sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install gnome-do 

Using GnomeDo

Go to Application > Accessories > GNOME Do to start the application (it will also appear in your notification area).

To summon GnomeDo press Super+Space (the Super key is the one with the windows logo).

Know just type what you want to launch. If you want to open a Terminal window start typing Termi and your good to go.

Use the Down key to view all the options available to what you're writing and he Tab key to navigate horizontally (you'll get it).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free Software in Portugal with SAPO

SAPO, a portuguese ISP, and for whom might interess, hosts Free Software (Software Livre, in portuguese).

The Software Livre project is still in an early stage, but I think that it's a great initiative.

A list of hosted projects and an english Service Catalog for Developers are available.

Currently there is a list of possible projects within the scope of SAPO Summerbits 2008.

The Software Livre platform is 100% free software and it's running Debian GNU/Linux with trac, mailman, svn, etc.

The following entities are supporting this project:

Logotipo da Ansol
ANSOL - Associação Nacional para o Software Livre (National Free Software Association)

Logotipo Caixa Mágica
Caixa Mágica - Distribuição de Linux Portuguesa (Linux Portuguese Distribution)

logo DRI
DRI - Consultoria Informática (An Information Technology Companie)

lof Ubuntu eXPerience country stats (July 2008)

I always like to check the blog statistics.

Here's an interesting one (80% is using Linux):

10 tricks for Linux systems administrators

Here's a 10 tricks article for Linux systems administrators.

You can also download the PDF version.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cleaning your system from outdated software

As you install, uninstall and update applications there are some garbage left behind.


When you run autoremove, packages that have been installed but are no longer in use, are removed.
$ sudo apt-get autoremove 


Autoclean removes .deb files from packages no longer installed on your system.
$ sudo apt-get autoclean 

Do you have other cleaning tips? Send me an email or post a comment.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SynCE 0.12 is out

Yesterday SynCE 0.12 was released.

As soon as I test it I'll update this post.

You can check the announcement at SynCE mailing lists.

Thursday, July 3, 2008