Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Syncing Windows Mobile 5/6 with Synce (Ubuntu 8.10 version)

One of my "to achieve" points was syncing my calendar and contact information from my Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone (Qtek 9100).

This post is an update from my previous one, after my Ubuntu 8.10 upgrade. Please refer to that first post if you're using previous versions of Ubuntu. I upgraded Ubuntu and Synce, so if you are installing it from scratch and you're having problems please let me know. I'll try and help you.

I will show how I'm syncing my phone with Evolution using Synce in Ubuntu 8.10.
This is based in Synce wiki and Synce mailing lists.

Note: save this post if you're using Gnome Network Manager, because you may stay without Internet after installing the core libraries. It's very easy to fix though. In Ubuntu 8.10 I don't have this problem.


This is not an official Synce guide. This is my personal eXPerience using a single device, with a single WM flavor and a single OS.

If you are starting to play around with Synce, this post could help you if you're using the same WM and Linux OS's, but you should always check Synce official wiki for updates.

If you are having problems, the Synce mailing lists are probably the best place to go right now. The people are friendly and will help you solving your problems. You could also send me an email. If I can, I'll help, if not, I'll guide you in the right direction.