Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reinstall B3 Server default system

B3 Server comes with a custom Debian (Squeeze) install.

In order to reinstall the all system you will need an USB stick and the latest install image from

Creating the usb recovery disk

  • You'll need an empty usb stick (it will be formatted)
  • Find out the device reference of your usb stick (check the LABEL in the output)
$ sudo blkid
    • or use gparted (sudo apt-get gparted) to find out 
  • Remove all existing partitions from the usb stick
    • I used gparted to remove all partitions
  • Create a new primary partition using the cfdisk interface to:
    • create a new primary partition
    • make it bootable
    • change it to type W95 FAT32
$ sudo cfdisk /dev/sdc

  •  Create a new vfat partition
$ sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdc1
$ zip /media/usb_disk

B3 online again

So, my B3 is online again. After is breakdown last week I can finally rest (and reinstall/reconfigure everything again).

The problem was the hard drive. I never seen a hard drive so damaged. Luckily I managed to backup all my data. Check my previous post on how to create an usb recovery disk for booting b3 server so you can move your files elsewhere.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Reinstall Oxygen ROM in HTC Desire

I'm currently using the Android Oxygen ROM in my HTC Desire.

As the version 2.1 just came out, I've decided to wipe my device and do a fresh install.
Also I took the chance to post the procedure.

Note: I have root on my device.

Backup before wipe

  • I used Titanium Backup to create a backup of my apps
  • I used SMS Backup to backup my sms to GMail
  • I backup up my sdcard using rsync in Ubuntu
$ rsync -axS --delete /media/sdcard/ /media/backup
  • I've manually kept a list of all the apps I want to keep. I will installed them all by hand, as needed, and restore only a list of selected ones

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Create an usb recovery disk for booting b3 server

I can't access my B3 Server and I don't know why... :( I was away for a week and in between I couldn't access my server.

Now, after locally rebooting it, still no joy...

I will show how to create an usb recovery disk to boot the B3 Server and how to backup your B3 storage to your local computer.
After this you can do a full recovery, formating and reinstalling your B3 Server.

Creating the usb recovery disk
  • You'll need an empty usb stick (it will be formatted)