Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reinstall B3 Server default system

B3 Server comes with a custom Debian (Squeeze) install.

In order to reinstall the all system you will need an USB stick and the latest install image from

Creating the usb recovery disk

  • You'll need an empty usb stick (it will be formatted)
  • Find out the device reference of your usb stick (check the LABEL in the output)
$ sudo blkid
    • or use gparted (sudo apt-get gparted) to find out 
  • Remove all existing partitions from the usb stick
    • I used gparted to remove all partitions
  • Create a new primary partition using the cfdisk interface to:
    • create a new primary partition
    • make it bootable
    • change it to type W95 FAT32
$ sudo cfdisk /dev/sdc

  •  Create a new vfat partition
$ sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdc1
$ zip /media/usb_disk

Boot the B3 Server into reinstall mode

  • Remove all external drives connect to the B3 Server
  • Unplug the power cord
  • Connect the b3 server WAN connector to a DHCP server (like your router)
  • Put the usb recovery disk in one of the usb ports
  • While pressing the B3 power button connect the power cord
  • Keep the power button pressed for like a minute (important)
  • Check in your DHCP server the B3 IP address, so you'll know ist's connected
  • The B3 LED will start green, then purple and finally blue
  • Check if you have access at http://b3.local (change your network cable accordingly your setup)


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