Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving back to blogger completed

Last week I finished the migration of the blog from Squarespace back to Blogger.

The blog url is still the same (, but any reference to squarespace will soon stop working.

There are some wrong links in past posts, so if you see some leave me a comment.

B3 Server 2.3 Upgrade

B3 Server 2.3 version come out a couple of months ago.

Normally the upgrade is easy and done via the web interface, but since I changed the mysql root default password, I need to upgrade manually.

Upgrade to 2.3

  • Connect to your b3 server
$ ssh user@b3server
  • Become root
$ su
  • Upgrade instructions
# change_distribution elvin
# apt-get -c /etc/apt/bubba-apt.conf -y update
# apt-get -c /etc/apt/bubba-apt.conf -y dist-upgrade
Keep in mind the configuration files you want to keep during the upgrade. It will ask you.
Example: samba.conf

  • Reboot after the upgrade
# reboot