Saturday, June 16, 2012

#FavApps: Terminator

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Terminator is a little project to produce an efficient way of filling a large area of screen space with terminals.
The user can have multiple terminals in one window and use key bindings to switch between them.

Terminator is more than an alternative to the regular default terminal application. It allows you to split the terminal window in two or more terminals.

Installing Terminator

You can install Terminator via the Ubuntu Software Center. You can also use the button at the beginning of this post.

To install via terminal:
$ sudo apt-get install terminator

You can customize Terminator in many ways. Use the preferences menu to do so.

I really like crunchbang Terminator looks, so I used the config file from that distro in my machine.

You can use it to by going into ~/.config/terminator/config and replace all the text with:
  title_transmit_bg_color = "#000000"
  title_inactive_bg_color = "#000000"
  hide_window = <Shift><Control>a
    scrollbar_position = hidden
    palette = "#000000:#cc0000:#4e9a06:#c4a000:#3465a4:#75507b:#06989a:#d3d7cf:#555753:#ef2929:#8ae234:#fce94f:#729fcf:#ad7fa8:#34e2e2:#eeeeec"
    background_darkness = 0.769574944072
    scrollback_lines = 5000
    use_system_font = False
    cursor_color = "#d8d8d8"
    foreground_color = "#d8d8d8"
    scroll_on_output = False
    show_titlebar = False
    color_scheme = custom
    font = Monospace 9
    background_color = "#252627"
    scrollback_infinite = True
      type = Terminal
      parent = window0
      type = Window
      parent = ""

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