Friday, June 14, 2013

Fixing Google with 2-Step Verification Online Account in Gnome 3.8

Settings > Online Accounts
In my Arch adventures I added my Google account in the Online Accounts.

Having the 2-Step Verification activated, after I logged in with my password, and entered the token, the account the credentials expired.

After trying again, same thing.

I'm in Arch with GNOME 3.8.3.

So, after some googling I found a solution in the Arch forum.
  • Generate a Google Application-specific password;
  • Go to Passwords and Keys (seahorse);
  • Find your Google credentials (something like "GOA google credentials...");
  • Right click > Properties;
  • Click on Show password;
  • Replace your password with the application-specific password you generated:
{'authorization_code': (......), 'password': <'YOUR_APPLIC_SPECIFIC_PASS'>}

That's it! You calendar and email should be synced in Evolution.

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